Why did we write this book?

  #1 Because giving up on your dreams, just because you don't have the tools you need to succeed - is NOT okay in our books, so we created one!

#2 Because we made a version for our actors, with help from casting directors that they loved, so we wanted to share it with the world (while raising money to help great charities like Covenant House & Teen Wealth). 

Bonus: Monthly coaching calls with Ignite Artists lead agent (and special guest coaches) each month in 2021 to help guide you through the book!


1) Focusing on YOUR WHY, and harnessing it so you don't lose sight of your big dreams.

2) Are you ready? (what it takes to make it).

3) Plan of Action (how to actually turn dreams into reality).

4) Habits of Success, Your Inner Circle & Mental Health tools.

5) The business side of the industry. 

6) Headshots, Demo Reels, Self-Tapes, The Resume & Software.

7) Production, set etiquette, how the industry works.

8) Acting methods & styles - what are your options?

9) Ways to make money to sustain your career while having a healthy work life balance.

10) Finding the RIGHT agent for you & so much more.

The A to Z to keep you living your best actors life.


Plus so many more great articles and tips from actors, casting directors, photographers and coaches on a variety of topics you NEED TO KNOW to really navigate this industry:

- Social Media for actors & how to make $ as an influencer

- Considering making the move to LA? Hear from Actors who have done it successfully

- Commercial vs Principal Acting

- Acting Techniques

- Fun sides and exercises

- How casting directors cast & who makes the final decisions

- Voice Over & Motion Capture

- Slate, edit & upload PROPERLY

- Photographers give their tips for head shots for actors

- Mastering micro-expressions

- Frequently Asked Questions Answered

- A glossary of all terms you NEED to know on set


 Your purchase of this book also give you access to weekly coaching videos for the rest of 2020 with the agent who put the team together to create this book so YOU don't have to go on this journey alone. 

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This book contains lots of fun and informative content (including current covid tips/info) AND includes places for you to fill out and plan every step of your career.

Once you receive your book, you also get access to weekly coaching videos to align with the book!

"I've always loved acting, and my resume is decent, but this book gave me new life.I was able to reflect on why I started, get all the tools I needed to move forward and ramp up for bigger successes."

Actor & Comedian Jimmy Paul

"MORE THAN JUST AN ACTING BOOK, inspirational, easy to navigate and something I will always reflect on."

Kalita Weibe, Aspiring Actor

"I wish I had this earlier, the tools shared in here are things I didnt think about as an actor; but they have given me so many advantages."